Bit Digital sustainably powers leading blockchains & generative AI workstreams

Bit Digital is a sustainability-focused infrastructure platform for digital assets and artificial intelligence. With Bitcoin mining operations in the United States, Canada, and Iceland, and diversified revenue streams in Ethereum staking, Bit Digital has expanded its expertise with Bit Digital AI, a business line offering specialized cloud-infrastructure services to support generative AI workstreams.

Key features

Global Operations

With headquarters in New York, our bitcoin mining operations span the U.S., Canada, and Iceland and represent a mining fleet with significant scale.



We are committed to continually enhancing the sustainability of our operations and the larger bitcoin network, with the majority of our miners running on carbon-free power.


Capital-Efficient Power

We secure power through strategic partnerships with specialized hosting center operators, keeping our infrastructure expenditure low and making efficient use of our capital.


Positioned for Growth

We are accelerating our expansion with proprietary channels to access miners (circumventing industry bottlenecks), and pre-negotiated hosting capacity periods.


ETH Staking

We have expanded from Bitcoin mining to also powering the Ethereum blockchain by introducing ETH staking.

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AI Infrastructure

We have expanded to provide specialized AI infrastructure to support generative artificial intelligence (AI) workstreams.


Our dedicated mining operations house one of the leading currently – owned and operating bitcoin mining fleets in the world.

Hash Rate

4.2 EH / s

The maximum processing capacity of our miners Info

A hash rate represents the amount of times per second that miners — specialized computers — perform network operations. As a large – scale participant in the global, decentralized network of miners, Bit Digital contributes to the crucial function of verifying transactions on the bitcoin network, and earns bitcoin rewards for doing so. EH/s stands for one quadrillion hashes per second.

Number of Miners

>48,000 Owned Fleet

The total number of mining assets in our network Info

Miners are specialized computer hardware designed to verify blocks of bitcoin transactions and in turn, secure the network. Miners earn newly-created bitcoins and transaction fees in connection with providing this service.

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