A sustainability-focused generator of digital assets & AI infrastructure service provider

Bit Digital is a sustainable platform for digital assets and artificial intelligence (“AI”) infrastructure headquartered in New York City. Our bitcoin mining operations are located in the US, Canada, and Iceland. The Company has also established a business line, Bit Digital AI, that offers infrastructure services for artificial intelligence applications.


As a large-scale digital asset miner and AI infrastructure provider listed on the NASDAQ, our strategic focus on sustainability is highlighted with the majority of our operations running, on average, on carbon-free energy sources, making us leaders in sustainability within the industry.

As we continue to align ourselves with the future of technology and business, we seek to continually increase our usage of clean energy, working towards 100% sustainable power.

Through strategic global partnerships with institutional-quality specialist hosting providers, our unique business model positions us for what we view as the most attractive use of our capital resources: bitcoin miners and specialized GPUs to serve AI end markets.


To build the premier ​digital asset mining and generative AI infrastructure platform ​while setting the industry standard for sustainability.

Leadership Team

Sam Tabar

Chief Executive Officer

Erke Huang

Chief Financial Officer & Director

Cam Schnier

Head of Investor Relations

Luna Tan

Managing Director



David Andre

Advisor, Artificial Intelligence

Ayesha Khanna

Advisor, Artificial Intelligence

Charles d’Haussy

Advisor, Crypto

Henri Arslanian

Advisor, Crypto

Bryan Bullett

Advisor, Corporate

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