Predominantly carbon-free bitcoin mining & AI infrastructure services

The majority of our fleet runs on carbon-free energy, making us leaders in sustainability within the bitcoin mining and artificial intelligence infrastructure industries.


Carbon-Free Energy

Our mining operations run predominantly on carbon-free energy.


Energy Curtailment

24/7 interruptible energy load at select locations


ESG Engagement

Independently reviewed on sustainability


All of our operations across the US, Canada, and Iceland offer affordable access to clean energy including hydro, solar, wind, and geothermal, mitigating the environmental impact of our operations.

Sustainability is a major strategic focus. We work with an independent ESG consultant to self-monitor, set targets, provide transparency, and help us improve our percentage of green electricity and other sustainability initiatives.

As we continue to align ourselves with the future of technology, we are dedicated to continuously enhancing the sustainability of our operations, and the larger bitcoin network, future-proofing for a world in flux.


The bitcoin network and the mining that powers it are important inventions in human progress, with vast sums of fiat invested in bitcoin today and the currency being used by millions around the world.

But the process of problem-solving and verifying bitcoin transactions using advanced computers is energy-intensive and much scrutiny has been applied to the industry for this reason.

It follows that the environmental costs of mining bitcoin should be surveyed and mitigated by every company in our fast-growing sector.

We aim to contribute to the acceleration of bitcoin’s decarbonization and act as role models in our industry, responsibly stewarding digital assets.

with APEX

We work with independent ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) consultants, APEX, to become one the first publicly-listed bitcoin miners to receive an independent ESG rating on our operations.

Apex’s ESG Ratings & Advisory tools allow us to benchmark our ESG performance against international standards and our peers to identify opportunities for improvement and progress over time.

We believe this is an integral approach to improving our sustainable practices and mitigating our environmental impact. By measuring the sustainability and footprint of Bit Digital’s mining, we’re able to develop targets to continuously improve as we continuously shift towards 100% clean energy usage.

For investors seeking to drive transformational change and access value investments future-proofed for the green energy movement, impartial ESG ratings are a reliable measure of success we are proud to engage with.


We have a strategic focus on sustainability. We aggressively seek to fully decarbonize and encourage the industry to follow.

Inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, the CCA is a private sector-led initiative for the entire crypto community, focused on decarbonizing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

BMC is a voluntary and open forum of Bitcoin miners committed to the network and its core principles. BMC promotes transparency, shares best practices, and educates the public on benefits of bitcoin and mining​.

We became the first listed miner we are aware of to engage an independent ESG consultancy to provide ongoing ESG reviews for greater transparency.

In September 2021, we contracted 35 MW at a former coal-fired power plant that was converted to run on primarily clean energy derived from abundant hydro power in upstate New York.

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